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Public Works Department - Electrical

Project Information and Cost Estimation (PRICE) is a total solution for estimate preparation and online approval. It is developed for the Public Works Department, Kerala. PRICE is based on CPWD Schedule of Rates, Specification, Rate Analysis and cost index. Central Public Works Department, Government of India (CPWD) releases the revised version of Analysis of Rates and Schedule of Rates every year. For every state, CPWD has incorporated Cost index to get a normalised rate for preparing the estimates.

Initially the software was developed based on Delhi Schedule of Rates (DSR) 2012 which was later updated to DSR 2013. PRICE was developed with provision to dynamically generate the data book as and when new DSR is published by the CPWD and presently estimates are preparing based on 2014 DSOR. Facilities for preparation of estimate, online submission of estimates to higher offices, Administrative Sanction, Technical Sanction, maintaining A.S. and T.S. registers, preparation of BOQ and preparation of Local Market Rate Justification estimate are available in the software.

Features of the software :

  • Digitisation of SOR and dynamic generation of data book
  • Online preparation of estimates
  • Observed data preparation, if necessary
  • Online submission of estimates to higher offices
  • View of estimate by higher officers and editing
  • Returning estimates for correction/modification
  • Noting observations by subordinate technical staff
  • Automatic generation of A.S. and T.S. slips while issuing sanction
  • Automatic transfer of details to AS and TS register along with issue of sanctions
  • Automatic generation of BOQ which can be exported to the e-tender portal.
  • Automatic generation of LMR justification estimates
  • View of current status of an estimate by all officers
  • Display of latest Government orders and department news